marți, 14 octombrie 2014

"How is the memory of the life you could have got?" (*)

This question may pop up in your mind in two very different situations: 1) you're in the exact place you've dreamed you will be someday. All is according to your best past plan or near its idea. You have almost nothing to complaint about and yet...
2) You've hit rock bottom. There's no chance for you or your dreams; you will never get to experience (full and sincere) love or professional success. You will just keep existing... but still, there's just a little bit of hope remaining... either one of these two, you'll get scared at some point so badly that you'll want to escape going back or choosing something else- essentially, trying to change what you've got because is to beautiful to be true or to horrible to endure. Is always about good or bad...choosing between these two; although it isn't. When this kind of panic kicks in, you will almost- one hundred per cent, deal this whole bussiness involving feelings and a tone of thoughts and memories and feelings again. The good sense will be left somewhere far behind, on purpose. So, with feelings controlling you and without a trace of reason involved, "bad" and "good" become two very unclear terms. And where is a comparation to be made between two lead-pieces of a situation, there's the hell on earth!

What to choose? Do you really have to choose? Which are the pros and cons of each? How much helps knowing more or less in order to choose/ decide/settle? How did you get yourself here???

There will be regret and maybe pain in both scenarios, regardless the decision you'll make. It's typical for human beings, so we'll better/ or not resign (or more of these two options)...Some say that without trying you lose so much; i agree with that, still  i really believe there's a right time for each try to be made in life and it's hard as hell to figure it out when that is. Especially when it may be life changing...

(*)This line is borrowed from the end of the movie "Changing lanes"(2002) with Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck. 

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