duminică, 30 iunie 2013

Two realistic movies

"Crash"(2005) and "Everybody's fine"(2009) are the latest movies i've seen; i can truly say that these were two of the most realistic films i have ever seen! I've been, successively, throughout the entire movie-lenght: shocked, scared, shooked, deeply moved and then relieved, watching the characters reproducing the most real and hurtful gestures that humans use to prove their point confronted with minorities, stressful or dramatic situations. I was indeed "transfered" into the middle of the movies, as i've watched them, and this i must applaud, because the skill , the capacity of  producing the realistic feeling and then succedding in "making it real" for the watcher, this only significates that the entire team behind the director of that specific film is just... brilliant!
Each one of this two movies above named, have a notorious cast which successfully realised to make the experience of watching them - surreal! 

"Crash" tells the story of some people living together and not quite, in the same society. Afro-americans, latinos, asians and caucasian americans, all try to fit or at least adapt to their society that includes another races that their own; some of them pretend to be cool with receiving orders from their afro-americans bosses, although is just a well done act. Some of them are daily fighting racism in their own suggested good way. Some of them give way to racism... ALL OF THEM are wrong, in a way or another!
The "climax" of this movie shows how  the differences that the characters fight, produce or ignore throughout the begginning of the film, are so insignificant when a life-threatning situation is about to change the life of two or more different people. Sometimes, the threat caused by racism and its definitions not only causes pain and regret; it also gives way to Revenge. And i think that revenge is one of the most powerful alliat that racism and another social "diseases" present in our Worldwide society can make use of in achiving their aims.

Sandra Bullock, Brandan Fraser, Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, Thandie Newton, Ryan Phillippe, Ludacris make their best in this movie and i can only be grateful for their acting just knowing that their film affected the opinions of many of its watchers and maybe changed their wrong reviews about the myth of the superior race!

"Everybody's fine"

Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale are the main characters in this drama and adventure movie (as called on www.imdb.com). De Niro's character is a widowed father of four that realizes that the one who kept him in touch with his kids was his late wife. Now that he is alone, he tries to keep the connection as good as his wife did.
All of his kids are  professionally achieved, but none of them have time to visit their father, so he decides to make them all a surprise visit. To each one of them. As time passes and he visits his boys, he realises that their professional accomplishments are not as great as they seemed on a phone chat, from miles away. Also, their personal lifes are not as calm and good as described- also on the phone. After visiting all four, the father realises what the truth is, concerning his kids and maybe, how he remained not involved in their lives throughout the passing of the years.
The loss of his son, the one of whom he was most proud of, devastades him, but also helps him realise how grateful he is for his family, the way it is- truly!
A great lesson of life given by a great actor! De Niro leaves us speachless and at the same time, with so many to say to our own, in order to prevent the bad from happening...


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